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In 2009 we submitted a bid for just under £48,000 to the Heritage Lottery Fund for an extensive oral history project encompassing a wide range of activities including the production of a book, teaching resource, DVD, permanent exhibition and drama project.  We were successful and the result was our ‘Pool of Memories’ project.

You can listen to excerpts of the Oral History interviews below.

Over the course of the project we:

  • Launched the project at Balsall Heath Library
  • Recruited a talented and enthusiastic group of volunteers to help record oral histories.
  • Undertook some smashing training with the Oral History Society.
  • Went out and recorded loads of fantastic interviews on audio and film.
  • Transcribed and catalogued hours of recordings.
  • Produced our ‘Pool of Memories – A History of Moseley Road Baths’ book which is now available to purchase online.
  • From late 2010 to February 2013 nine groups of pupils and staff from a number of local schools worked alongside local Community Film Maker, Rachel Gillies, to learn how to conduct oral history interviews using digital recording equipment. Using their new skills, pupils were supported to conduct interviews with members of the public who wish to share their memories of Moseley Road Baths. The groups then learnt how to edit the material they collected into short films.  Several groups had opportunity to visit the building for a tour.
  • We launched our Pool of Memories website, which we are now migrating onto this site.
  • Organised numerous Memories and Memorabilia Days to exhibit some of the archive.  The final celebration included a big reveal of our roller banner exhibition, some of which is still on display at Moseley Road Baths.

Pool of Memories Launch

If you want to know more about the project, if you want to share your own stories, or if you would like your school to get involved in a project then please e-mail contact@friendsofmrb.co.uk.

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