MRB Action Group

As it has become obvious that time has been running out for Moseley Road Baths, due to close in 2017, a group of people has started working together to find ways to keep them open under community ownership – for swimming, other community uses and heritage. To make this work we need to identify a combination of uses that will cover the day-to-day running costs, find significant funding for repair and refurbishment, and find an organisation or partnership willing to take responsibility.

It’s a big challenge, but the support we’ve had already is overwhelming and gives us hope that we might even succeed!

Organisations represented on the working group include:

·        Friends of Moseley Road Baths

·        Ashram Moseley Housing Association

·        Balsall Heath Forum

·        Birmingham Conservation Trust

·        Development in Social Enterprise

·        Localise WM

·        National Trust

·        RnR Organisation

·        St Pauls Trust

·        Balsall Heath History Society

as well as of course local swimmers. The City Council has expressed support and is also looking into how they might be able to help us.

The working group is exploring all options within the following principles:

–      MRB must stay open for swimming, alongside other uses.

–      Ideally both pools would be open for swimming.

–      If only one pool can be saved, the Gala pool is preferred.

–      The building should primarily be owned and operated on a non-profit basis for community use.

–      There might be some concerns over significant residential or commercial uses.

We have recently appointed consultants to undertake an options appraisal for the Baths, which will set the scene for really making things happen. Any significant developments will be communicated via the Friends of Moseley Road Baths mailing list and on this website.

The Friends of Moseley Road Baths remain the best link in to news about the Baths and ways to get involved, but if you are interested and might have some of the skills to help with this initiative, please contact Karen Leach, chair of the action group: or 0121 685 1155.