Moseley Road Baths in Balsall Heath, Birmingham is a well loved and used Edwardian Swimming Pool of huge historical and architectural significance.  Pool 2 is used all week round by the whole community, whilst the Gala Pool has been closed since August 2003.

Birmingham City Council plan to close the building for swimming in Summer 2017, upon the reopening of Sparkhill Baths.

They have refused to submit a Heritage Lottery Fund application which would keep the pool open and allow other spaces within the building to be opened up for the whole community to access.

Condemning the building in this way is bad news for swimmers, especially for schools who are required to provide lessons for pupils.  It is a disaster for the local community who are concerned about a derelict building standing in the heart of their community.  It is short sighted in an area with some of the worst statistics for childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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